The H.E.C.K. Team

The Henning Emergency Clinic of Kindness offers dental services to those in need and is in existence through the efforts of dental specialists and volunteers. Our team is made up of volunteers, and very dedicated dentists who make this clinic possible.  

Greta Henning – Founder of the Henning Emergency Clinic of Kindness

Greta Henning

Greta Henning is the founder of the Henning Emergency Clinic of Kindness. She began fundraising for the development of a stand-alone dental clinic by organizing and operating eighteen free dental clinics held in volunteer dentist offices between Aug 2011 and Nov 2013. By creating a Not-for-Profit-Society (May 2013) and meeting requirements for Charitable Tax Status (Sept 2013), she was able to secure a permanent location, complete renovations and then open the doors to the H.E.C.K. Dental Clinic in March 2014.


Board Members Elected at our A.G.M. – 2020-21


President: Greta Henning (2019-22)
Treasurer: Crystal Berry (2020-21)
Secretary: Sheila McIntosh (2020-21)

Executive Directors: Dr. Ian Dickinson, Tami Dunstan-Adams, Doris Kuehn, Sharon Lawrence.


Maria Morris, Jo Marple, Kristine Paul, Dianna Myck Billups, Jenifer Parker, Amanda Oliver, and Cairine Stewart.


Dr. Ian Dickinson

Dr. Ian  has been practicing dentistry for over three decades in Penticton. He is well aware that having poor oral health can adversely affect many conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, mental health and ability to find employment. Ian is an active member in Kiwanis Club. Ian was a regular volunteer at our Free Community Clinics prior to opening the H.E.C.K. Dental Clinic. He continues to support and encourage our efforts to provide prompt access for Emergency Dental Care.




Pam Rorie

I’m a Registered Nurse who has worked with people in desperate need of affordable, accessible dental care in Penticton. H.E.C.K. provides the non-judgmental care that makes a difference. As a board member I have seen Greta’s vision grow into a reality.





Crystal Berry

My motivation to serve on this board is twofold. Primarily, the cause strikes home for me. I grew up in a family where visits to the dentist were certainly a medical emergency or very much a need, as opposed to a preventative process undertaken every six months. The people I serve in this clinic have not seen a dental professional in years, decades, or a lifetime, sometimes.

Secondly, my service on this board supports the vision of one of the most inspirational people in my life. Greta Henning, President and founder of the clinic. Her hard work, dedication, and deep rooted belief in this public service has encouraged me to be a part of this wonderful, much needed, and impactful community service. I recall a conversation I had with someone this summer who said to me: “You are going to work tomorrow?  All day?  For free?” My response, “Yes, I am, and what I receive in return, cannot be measured in dollars in your bank account. It is so much more than that!”  Am I a proud board member and supporter of the clinic? HECK YA … I am.


Doris Kuehn

I became involved with H.E.C.K. once I heard about the great service it provides for those without dental care. I always had a dental plan through work, but now realize I was one of the lucky ones.  Although I don’t have a dental background, I do help the clinic with computer work, social media, clinic reception, fundraising, and whatever else I can do to help. 

I have witnessed the relief H.E.C.K. has given clients through treatment and know this is a most worthy cause.  Many have not seen a dentist in years, and by the time they come here, extraction is often the only treatment available.  Imagine having one tooth pulled; then try to imagine having six or eight teeth pulled.  This is often a reality for H.E.C.K. clients.  It breaks my heart, but we ARE helping!  Please donate if you can and bring relief to someone is dental pain.        


Dianna Myck Billups
Dr. Robert Johnson