The following message was sent to the Board Of Directors when the song was presented in 2012.

I am so pleased to present to you the H.E.C.K. Clinic Theme Song! We got together with a small group of past clients, referring partners and dental professional volunteers and wrote this song on July 22/2012. Thank you, especially to those of you who showed up to participate. We had a wonderful time and learned a lot about the process of creativity in terms of song writing and I think you will agree we soared with this amazing final result. Special thanks goes out to Lowry Olafson of Gibson, BC, who facilitated this wonderful experience for us and Nikita Afonso who sang so beautifully with Dave Mai controlling the studio. The song was inspired by the service we have already provided for some marginalized citizens in the South Okanagan to date and it speaks volumes towards the vision we have for the Henning Emergency Clinic of Kindness in the future. I hope you are not daunted by the work that lies ahead in creating the clinic. Instead, I encourage you to feed off the good will and be energized knowing that you are helping to make a positive impact on our community. “If not us, then who?”